This is the rule page. This page is in bullet points and may be strict in rules. These rules are necessary if you wish to upload a photo or create/edit a page.

Images Edit

  • You may only use other's images if you have been given permission by the artist/creator.
  • The founder recommends to license your image.
  • Use the appropriate image for your current page.
  • If a base is used for an image, you have to credit the base creator.
  • The only images acceptable on this wikia is any image Warriors related, except for profile images.

Pages Edit

  • You may create a template, only if you get permission by the founder.
  • Your fan character's page must include the following headings: (yes, in this order)
  1. Appearance
  2. Summarized History
  4. Kin
  5. Gallery
  6. Trivia
  • You are not allowed to edit another person's OC page.
  • There must be these kinds of images on a character page: (not all, but at least 1)
  1. Character Art (your oc) (required)
  2. Couple Art (your oc and their mate)
  3. Highest Rank Art (your oc as their highest rank. ex. medicine cat, leader, senior warrior etc.)

Fan Fictions Edit

  • You may use other people's fan characters, with their permission.
  • There should be over 5 chapters in each Fan Fiction.
  • A chapter is not a new page.
  • There has to be a time zone at the top. (See 'Example Fan Fiction')
  • Include a Category of the characters in your Fanfiction.

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