"If we have powers as well as the three, who is the most powerful group?"
-Dawnwing to Firetail about Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing in Sent by the Stars Chapter

Appearance Edit

Dawnwing is a reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pink-tinted front paws. She has strong cyan eyes.

Summarized History Edit

Dawnkit was born to Pinkpelt in ThunderClan's nursery.

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Quotes Edit

"I bet being a medicine cat wouldn't be so bad."
-Dawnpaw to Firepaw in A Fire's Spark Chapter
"I don't understand ShadowClan cats, they are so defensive over the silliest of things."
-Dawnpaw about ShadowClan cats in Shadow Falls Chapter

Kin Edit

Father: Foxleap

Mother: Pinkpelt

Aunts: Icecloud, Larchkit, Hollykit

Uncles: Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall

Mate: Toadstep

Grandfathers: Dustpelt, Orange Fire

Grandmothers: Ferncloud, Night Stars

Great-Grandfathers: Fuzzypelt, Whitestorm, Unknown, Unknown

Great-Grandmothers: Robinwing, Brindleface, Ginger, Rain

Cousins: Toadstep, Rosepetal, Ivypool, Dovewing

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dawnwing is one of the cats from the prophecy: "There will be one of each of your kin, sent by the stars, that could control the stars." Dawnwing has the power to see into someone's future.

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